sjo reply for 3rd novel

Posté par vs02 le 4 novembre 2007

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  1. N.Gayathri dit :

    Hi SJO,
    I was really shocked to see ur reply Jo.Even though u have replied for lots of reader’s opinion how can u forget others willingness to read ur novels???The main thing I am sad about is that u have temporarily stopped to update ur novels in ramya’s site.I really dont know about whether ur novels are circulating or being copied by others but I really do come enjoy ur novels only in ramya’s site as she had given me the password.So please consider the readers who are very much eager to read ur novels and neglect one or 2 posts who just feel and put vimarsanam for that particular novel.I tooooo said that the end looks cinema climax only becos I dont want to go the story tooo long[want to unite Rohit and mathangi asap] if Ramya has fully updated the story at a strech everyone might be happy about the story has ended happily.As she also cant help it and posted bit by bit everyone becos of eagerness only posted those comments.If u read everyone’s comments again, u will see that all are really enjoying and loving ur novels.And also I really feel happy about ur PUBLISHING IDEA BECOS « NALLA ELUTHALARGAL SHOULD BE SURE MADE KNOWN TO WORLD BY PUBLISHING THEIR NOVELS ».So please decide with ur lawyer what is to be done regarding copies made and come back soon here in Ramya’s site.Expecting ur novels soon here in utmost eagerness.

  2. pku dit :

    My adorable writer S.JO….

    U decide to publish ur books…….Wow……that is great, excellent, wonderful and lovely thought….i am pretty sure, all ur wonderful and adorable writings r going to be super hit. I wish “Everything going to be happened as the way u like it”….i can’t wait to get all ur superb writings form the stores……..

    I am soooooooooo happy about ur very good decision……. »All the best »

    I already knew the novels “engey en manam” & “urugatho unthan ullam” …….r true story….through the introduction in those novels…….

    For the novel……. “engey en manam”…… whether the real hero and heroine spent 3 awful years, now they r so happy together…….i am so glad and I wish them “always happy in their future life from this moment”

    Oh………..GOD…….from ur above beautiful note only I came to know in the novel “urugatho unthan ullam”……… the real hero and heroine did not have happy ending…… that made me so sad, I really wished, they might had same happy ending as in ur novel……..but u gave them happy ending atleast in ur novel, oh……u r so sweet, thank u so much JO……..when I finished reading that novel….i was so happy…….. Now, i really wish that hero and heroine also ,…….whether they r not going to be together in their rest of their……..i clearly knew that……..we can not change the past……but still I wish them to have true happiness…….

    Whether their ego, or misunderstanding or something else …..separate them…….that is a fate….but they need to put their past behind, they may keep their wonderful past as a treasure inside their mind…….. I really wish, the heroine should start to enjoy, with her husband, with her new life,…..peacefully and lovely…..All the best for her. Also for that lovely hero, …hey JO…..i really want to talk to him, I want to make him change,…….i really , truly wish…… “our real hero of that novel…….soon will have one loving, caring beautiful life partner…..and he have to enjoy all the beauty in the world”….i truly believe, one day my wish come true…….

    Thanks Jo…..thanks for everything……no words to prize ur amazing talents…..please always continue ur adorable writings…….make everyone happy with ur cute talents…..really u r gifted with amazing writing talents.

    Always have most lovely, most wonderful, most pleasant days.

    With lots of love,

  3. Meena dit :

    Hey S.JO,

    Good Luck for publishing ur book.

    Santhosh and Rohit’s character are so good, that any girl will fall for them, atleast Santhosh was lucky enough to find happniess. I feel sorry for Rohit, initially it was OK for Mathangi, because she was so scared, after she started liking him, she felt insecure and had complex, but later she had ego which gave her only unhappy life. This is case, we can’t blame Rohit as initially he had proposed her, then thought she is not intersted in him, but still tried his best to care about her. Mathangi was so stupid to loose most precious love.

    Hey PKU, so nice of you, if you get chance to talk to Rohit, also talk to him on behalf of me. Tell him its not just him who is suffering this world because of love, there are thousands of people like him, but you have to go along with your life as life is too short, even unknown faces, his wonderful parents worry for him, instead of wasting his life he can give life to someone.

    Also I appreciate that you are writing these kind of novels, atleast by reading this some people have to realize the value of love, so that they won’t make same mistake in their life.

  4. pku dit :

    Heyyyy Meena……….

    Hey wow!!..what a nice comments Meena……really u r so good at character analysis of Mathangi…Superb……..Sure Meena, we will all pray for real hero Rohit……

    you r 100% correct frined……that….JO’s precious writings will sure make lots of wonderful lovely different in whoever read her novels…….

    All the best to JO…….for all her superb novels to be published sooooooon.

  5. Anisha dit :

    Hi Jo
    உங்க முடிவை வரவேற்கிறேன்.ரொம்ப நல்ல முடிவு.நாங்கள் வாங்க தயார்,easy ya online-il வாங்கற மாதிரி ஏற்பாடு பண்ணுங்க.I feel really bad for that hero Rohit….don’t mistake me(after reading ur letter)i just connected with the movie name called உன்னாலே உன்னாலே,இந்த movie il ஈகோ problem -minal கதாநாயகனும் கதாநாயகியும் பிரிந்துவிடுவார்கள்.In this movie, hero will marry another girl and live happily.Like that Rohit also should find a girl who will understand him live happily…..(we can pray for him).

    நீங்க மேலும் மேலும் நிறைய கதை எழுதணும்.அதை எங்களுக்கு படிக்க வழி செய்யணும்.Jo it is my suggestion…..Some sites r there where u can watch all the tamil prigrammes…..some sites r charging also.Like monthly fee…..can u also do like that pls…..i don’t know wether it is possible or not.
    It is really good decision.All The Best JO.

    Hi Ramya thank you for u…..u gave us good oppertunity to read Good writer’s very good novels.Thank you very much for that.

  6. Lakshimi dit :

    Hi Ramya & SJO,

    Thankyou for giving the fantastic novels.Please upload the next novel.


  7. ambika dit :


    i am very curious to read ur novels.
    can u send me password details to read ur novel.


  8. kala dit :

    hi ramya i am waiting for the pass words for all 4 books pls send me.

  9. venu dit :

    Hi, I would like to read the novels..what is the password? thanks

  10. chudar dit :

    Can i get password for azahiya asura and uruhatho unthan ullqam pl.

  11. vijayarani dit :

    can i get password to read your novels. I am eagerly waiting to read your books. Kinldy send me the password.

  12. savithri dit :

    can u pls send me the password for SJOs novels

  13. SAVITHRI dit :

    can u pls arrange to send me the password for SJO novels

  14. Geetha dit :

    Hi Ramya,

    I am very interested to read the Jo’s novel, so please can you send me the password for the novels.I accept your conditions. Can I know what is the procedure to getting a password. I am waiting for the password to read the novels.please please consider it

  15. rajamanirajkumar dit :

    I want to read the novels.I have send the rquest already. But you have not reply to me. Whether you wil send the password or any problems in that.

  16. srividya dit :

    can i get the passwords for reading your novels? i very much interested to read..

  17. piruntha dit :

    can u send pass word plz

  18. Saranya dit :

    Hi sjo,

    i read ur story recently.I want to read ur other stories too.plz send me a password


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