Love stories – Author is sjo

Posté par vs02 le 8 mai 2008





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  1. pku dit :

    Hi sweetest girl,

    I knocked one time……. “திறந்திடு சீஸே …..”… leads to our adorable writer’s wonderful land. That is already my No#1 most favorite website. “வித்தியாசமான குடும்ப நாவல்கள் » மட்டும் இல்லை ……that website has lots and lots of our adorable writer’s Jokes, Poems…..also the most enjoyable part in there is……Jo’s humorous and fun-full reply to her fan’s comments. If we visit Jo’s site……we will sure have humongous joy. Jo has a special talent of making everyone happy,…she can put a smile in everybody’s cute faces. Our Jo is best. Thanks sweetie…… thanks for giving us lots of Jo’s novels , her website and most of all gave me a chance to say “hi” to my adorable writer.

    Always have pretty days to U and Jo.

  2. Ramya dit :

    Hi Ramya,

    Can you please share me the s.Jo novels. I m very much interested to read them.


  3. vs02 dit :

    Hi Ramya,

    i am replying u for ur following comment…..
    Ramya a dit:
    6 juin 2008 à 16:07
    Hi Ramya,
    Can you please share me the s.Jo novels. I m very much interested to read them.

    i tried to send u mail, but it got rejected. i think u left a wrong id. Please check ur id, and leave the comment with ur correct id.

  4. ARUNA dit :

    i love to read books but not able to open can u pls share ur password thankyou bye

  5. Ramya Raja dit :

    Hi Ramya,

    I hope tht this time i have provided my email id right. Please do share s. jo novels with me..


  6. chitra dit :

    hi ramya
    hw r u? nan unnudaya updates padichen. sjo nalla kathai kondu poranga.aaaana santhviya konjam santha paduthungappa.chweet story.

  7. cindy dit :


    iam interested in reading ur novels, please send me the password.


  8. rathika dit :

    i like to read your love stories,how to open it.and can you please send me the password.


  9. Raji dit :

    I am interested in reading ur novels, please send me the password.

  10. sakhi dit :

    very nice love story.waiting password for next novel.thks.

  11. krithi dit :

    hey sjo, ramya
    After reading all 5 novels.. i cant wait to read the next one by sjo.. when are you going to give us the next one.. cant wait.. thanks

  12. radha dit :

    hi ramya

    I would like to read ur novels. I already request the pssw, but i didn’t get any response. please pa, can u please send me the password for the novels. thankyou.

  13. padma dit :

    Hi Sweety,

    I wud like to read all of JO’s novel.Can u please share them.I have read all the five u have published in your site.

  14. deepa dit :

    hi sjo,ramya,
    i read all your 5 novels ,all five are simply super,waiting for your next novel.

  15. viji dit :

    i’m interested in reading your novels, please send me the password.

    thank you

  16. pku dit :

    My wonderful, amazing & so lovely writer Jo,

    Hey so cute & new mom….Congratulations chellam. Hugs and kisses to ur adorable son & also to u too honey. We welcome ur son with our whole heart to this beautiful and lovely world. Our best wishes r always with him. We wish him healthy, happy long long life with full of joy, glory, wealth, fame & etc,etc. We also wish…. All his wishes always come true to him.

    With lots of love,
    Veena Kumar & her family.

  17. muthu dit :


    i’d lik to read ur novels… cud u share wid me the passwords for un punnagai pothumadi or kaviyam…

    waitin eagerly to read..


  18. ameera dit :

    hi,i am ameera.i want to read ur novels.can u please send me the password to my id

  19. vidhys dit :

    Hai, i am vidhya. I want to read ur novels. Can u pls send me the passwords to my id. Thank in advance

  20. sam dit :

    Hi ramya,

    cn u plz snd me d pwd 4 sjo’s 4th&5th novel,am a grt fan f sjo s novel,am longng 2 read it,plz snd it asap..thanx&hv a gud dy

  21. Usha dit :

    Pls send the password to open novel ‘Urugatho unthan ullam’

  22. Angammai PL dit :


    I am interested in reading the novels. Please send me the password for all the novels released so far. Thanks!

  23. shanthi dit :

    the first novel is very nice.
    waiting for the next novel password.

  24. anithakandan dit :

    Hi S.Jo.and Ramya,

    I would like to read the novels, « Un Punnagai Podhumadi », and « Kaaviyam Paada Vaa ».
    Can u please send me the password for these two novels. I am very eager to read these novels,
    Thank you.

  25. uma dit :

    Hi Ramya,

    Can u pls send password to read SJo Novels. I am very eager to read those novles. Thanks in advance.

  26. Lakshimi dit :

    Hi Ramya,

    Thanks for sharing SJO novels with us.
    Can please send me the novel link and pwd for « Un Punnagai Podhumadi”, and “Kaaviyam Paada Vaa”.


  27. ramya dit :

    Hi, can you pls send me the password for ‘“Kaaviyam Paada Vaa”’.
    thanks ramya

  28. sudha dit :

    i am verymuch interested for reading ur novels.So pls give the password.

  29. viji dit :

    Hai, Sweety,
    i love to read tamil novel. long back ago you send me the your first novel password. after that i am asking you your all your novels password. i didn;t get it. can you please send me the password. i love to read your novel. your love like first novel alagiyaasura. i eagerly want to read your other novel also. can you please sent me your all novels password. i won’t pass it to anyone. thank you so much

  30. priya dit :

    I am interested in reading novels. Plz provide me the password.


  31. sangops dit :

    plz send me 2nd & 3rd novel password ramya.

  32. Meena dit :

    Hai Jo,
    Very much impressed with yourfive novels.Can I get the pass word and links for the rest two novels « un punnagai pothumadi » & « kaaviyam pada vaa »

  33. Prema dit :


    I love to read books. But I am not able to open can u pls share ur password thankyou.

  34. vidhya dit :

    plz send me password
    i love read books

  35. Kalpana dit :

    Could you please send me the password for your novels.
    I would love to read them.
    I sent mails to your Id also.

  36. niru dit :

    Hi Ramya,
    Can you able to share the password for the S.j Stories please.

  37. Priya dit :

    Please provide me the password for S.Jo stories…eagerly waiting to read her novels

  38. Chandra dit :

    Hi Jo,’

    If possible pls share passwords for ur stories. I’m much intrested in reading the stories…

    Thanks in advance.

  39. aneetha dit :

    can you please give me the password to read your novels


  40. shoba dit :


    I am very much interested to read your stories. But it asks for password when i click on the link. Please can u email me the password. my mail id is Pls help me to read the novel by giving the password.


  41. Sujitha-Mohan dit :


    I am interested in reading ur novels, please send me the password.

    My e-mail ID


  42. mini dit :

    i luv ur novels… i want to read « urugatho ethan ullam » and « un ponnagai pothummadi »… can u plz tel me how to read this novels …..plz

  43. chitrajothirajan dit :

    iluv ur novels ur novels r very interesting i want to read un punnagai pothumadi kaviyam pada vaa vl u plz tel me how to read ths novel plz iam eagerly waiting

  44. Raji dit :


    Can you please share’s novels. I already read « urugatho enthan ulam », it was very nice. I want to read other novels also. Can you please help?

  45. TUma dit :

    Hi dear friends
    இந்த வெப் சைடில எஸ்.ஜோவிட எல்லா நாவலும் தொடரா படிச்ச வாசகியில நானும் ஒருத்தி ! ரொம்ப காலத்துக்கு அப்புறம் எங்கேயாவது அவங்க நாவல்ஸ் கிடைக்குமா என தேடிக்கிட்டு இருந்தேன் வந்து மாட்டுகிட்டிச்சு ஒரு குட் நியூஸ் மறுபடியும் இந்த வெப்பில ஒரு நாவல் தொடராக வரப்போகுதுன்னு தெரிய வந்துச்சு அதைவிட அவங்க facebook இல தொடராக போய்கிட்டு இருக்குன்னும் தெரிஞ்சுது! யாராச்சும் தகவல் கிடைச்சா தாங்கப்பா !

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