Song For This Week

Posté par vs02 le 12 mai 2008


18 Réponses à “Song For This Week”

  1. Meena dit :

    wow what a fantastic song, very soothing.

  2. mitra dit :

    really nice website , and nice song, i’m new for this web,please explain how can i get the password to read the novel?

    thanks in advance

  3. Meena dit :

    fantastic, thanks ramya for posting this fantastic song. i love this very much.

  4. mitra dit :

    hii super song, ramya really thank you so much, it’s very interesting ur site, with romantic song wow

  5. sangops dit :

    Hai friend ur 1st novel is really superp. Plz send 2nd novel password.

  6. Anisha dit :

    Hey Sweety

    It is really nice song.Thanks for that.

  7. Meena dit :

    Hi Ramya,

    Very nice song.

  8. ARUNA dit :

    hi ramya
    i am ARUNABASKAR i contacted u so many times for reading ur novels pls share ur password with me

  9. thanvi dit :

    hi ramya

    really very superb song
    thanks for it………….

  10. Jasmine dit :

    Hi Ramya,
    Please provide password to read the stories. Thanks.


  11. raj dit :

    hi ramya
    pls share ur password with me to read Jo’s Novels.


  12. shree dit :

    this is a very nice song.i read yr first story alagiya azura.i couldn’t beleive that was yr first story.keep it up.can you send 2nd story password to my id.


  13. shree dit :

    i luv this song.whenever i get a free time i’ll visit yr blog to hear this beautiful song.

  14. pku dit :

    Hi sweetie,

    thanks for spb voice in this song « Magudi – Neelakuyile »…oh…after a long time i got a chance to enjoy my spb voice in ur site. Please often changes all spb songs one by one in ur site to enjoy.

    Always have lovely days.

  15. Krish dit :

    Hi Ramya, Very Nice Song. Enna oru voice SPB’kku. From what movie is this song from ?

  16. Krish dit :

    Hi Pku,

    While I was searching which movie is this song from I found this, thought you would like this from our favorite singer…

  17. Pku dit :

    Hi Krish,

    Thanks for the link Krish. i already knew that site. In that group….go to the main site
    over there….lots and lots of old spb songs along with nice explanations about that song, cute words about spb’s voice, etc,etc. u will really like those.

    Have a nice day Krish.

  18. pku dit :

    wow!!! what a nice song. Thank u so much Ramya. So happy to hear spb’s recent voice in ur website.

    always have lovely days.

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