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38 Réponses à “A propos”

  1. pku dit :

    heyyyyyyyyyyyy sweetie, why is this site is in french……….how can i read and understand……..English please………thank god, u upload tamil novel, not french novle……..hahahaaaaaaa……….

    Heyyyyyyyyy i try to enter comments……it ask email id……i don’t know i have to give my id or ur id……..hahahahhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa that much confusion because of ur sweet French………hahahaaaaaaa

    oh….again again it is giving error

  2. pku dit :

    wowwwwwwww successfully i entered one comments………heyyyyyy that means i did read french words tooooooooo….hahahaaaaaaa

  3. vs02 dit :

    hahah ahha pku darling, i got ur 1st comments in my new blog lol, i recieved well ur comments, if u have any probs to leave a message, pls leave in my msn space i’ll get there

  4. nasla dit :

    hi dears

    i dont no french, sis i’m alone in uk i like to read Ramanichandiran books but i can’t buy in uk ,please sis post some rc books o how to read ur site books

  5. jeno dit :

    how can i read the novels in ur site;
    how can i get the pwd?

  6. nasla dit :

    hi friend

    May I know how to read sj Novels in sweety page ,because i we open pdf file it’s asked password how to read that novels ,please somebody help me if u know

  7. jeno dit :

    hai i read ur story. it was superb i liked it very much. the twist in the story was lovable. thank u for such a story.

  8. miky dit :

    hi .how can i enter your site.my hobby is reading books.pls help me

  9. ani dit :

    hello , ramya,
    I would like to read the novels in your website, But as you know I require a password to unlock the contents, could you plz direct m what I have to to get the novels, thanks

  10. vs02 dit :

    Hi Miky,

    i tried to send u one mail. but it bounced back. check ur id and left ur comment with correct id.

  11. jeno dit :

    I read ur second story ‘engey-en-manam’; i liked it very much; It was very romantic and interesting; i liked all the family members in that story; I felt happy when i finished the novel;
    bye jeno

  12. jeno dit :

    i read the story ‘engey en manam’
    it was very interesting. i read it in one strech. ur characterisations are very nice especially the happy family members; bye jeno

  13. jeno dit :

    i read two of ur novels; but nilavae vaa novel was little boaring;3/4 story went in searching the heroine;
    bye jeno

  14. jeno dit :

    hai friend
    the story ‘nilavae vaa’ was little boaring;
    it was different but the jovial language in other languages was missing

  15. sakhi dit :

    i want password.thks

  16. sakhi dit :

    pls send me password to my mail thks

  17. sri dit :

    Hi ramya,
    i have read ur first novel it is too good.i want to read ur 2nd novel.
    pls sent me the password at
    Thanz a lot.

  18. sriram dit :

    hi i read ur first novel.The novel was too good i like very much.
    thanks a lot for such story.

  19. archana dit :

    hi how do i read ur novels pls help me

  20. Jasmine dit :

    Hi Sweety,

    I like to read these novels. Can you please give me the document open password? Thanks very much.


  21. Jasmine dit :

    Hi Ramya,

    Can you please give me the password to read the stories? Thanks Very much.


  22. shana dit :

    hai how to get password. pl giveme in english.

  23. shana dit :


  24. shana dit :

    pleas give my paswoord. it is saying err

  25. vkph dit :

    i want read novel form this site. i don’t know how to get password. i don’t know french. i couldn’t understand where to send a mail. please help me. thank you

  26. priya dit :

    hi sweety,

    happy and prosperous new year 2009.


  27. Bhuvana dit :

    how can i read the novels…. i tried but couldn’t open it

  28. Suji dit :

    I need to read your novels please send me the password. my e-mail suji_nija@yahoo.co.uk


  29. Flojo dit :

    Kindly send me the password for the novel Alagiya Asura.


  30. shali dit :


    u seem to be having so much fans online. i might also join the fan club. could you let me know how to read these stories. they seems to be password protected. looking towards your reply.
    and keep the good work going for novel readers like me.


  31. vidhya dit :

    peut tu me dire comment je doit faire pour avoir les mot de passe plzzzz

  32. Agalya dit :

    Why yar, you are not sending me the password?

  33. sangops dit :

    hai, plz send 2&3 novel password to my id.

  34. Devi dit :

    I just come across your site. i am so happy to see tamil novels. But it said i need to have the pwd to read them. Can you please let me know how to request the pwd ?


  35. nayaki dit :

    i like to read ur stories. please do send me the password for opening the files. thanks

  36. hrithika dit :

    hi………plz .give me password ,,,,,,,,i am eager to read

  37. bhuvana dit :

    hi jo,

    i would like to read your novels in online. can you send pwd thru mail. my id is bhuvanaa.srini@gmail.com

  38. OtuXoZlgbsCARq dit :


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